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NUMARK ARC3 lettore cd

119,00 €

lettore cd NUMARK ARC3
lettore cd


Get started spinning your favorites tracks with ARC 3. This advanced tabletop CD player plays regular CDs as well as MP3-CDs so you can jam out for hours with the same disc. ARC 3 is easy to use with high-performance controls including pitch control and scratch.

Scratching your tracks is easy on the large, five-inch scratch wheel. Two loop banks give you tons of creative flexibility, and seamless looping makes integrating your loops musically easy and fun. You can control pitch ±8% and ±16% using the fader-style slider. Keylock ensures that you can easily change tempo without affecting pitch. Analog and digital outputs give you your choice of connectivity for stage and studio mixing.

Complete the package by mixing ARC 3s with a M1, M1USB, or X1USB mixer and PHX headphones. This sturdy, rugged CD player is the perfect way to get into DJing without breaking the bank or sacrificing professional features and feel.
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